Making the world a better place through music

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14. lipnja 2015. - 13:45
One of the stars of the up and coming Ana in the City 2015 Festival will be the outrageously talented pianist Oliver Poole. Oliver believes in making the world a better place through music. Whether it is a world premiere, entertaining millions live on TV or a performance of the iconic Goldberg Variations, he delivers what cannot be taught: the finest inner musicality, intuition of a natural composer and an electrifying drive. He has performed both solo & with orchestra at venues & festivals around the world & has been described as having an electrifying stage presence, charisma, talent for communication & improvisation that makes him a performer of unique entertaining talent. He is a visionary on a mission, a charismatic leader, embracing everyone into the majestic world of sound with his poise, artistry and improvised interaction with audiences. The Dubrovnik Times caught up with Poole before the festival to discover what makes him tick musically. Will this be the first time that you have performed in Dubrovnik and how did you get involved with the Ana in the City 2015 festival?Yes, this is the first time and I'm very excited! Dubrovnik is a stunning place and I'm so thrilled to be performing at such an amazing festival as well as having the enchanting Sponza Palace as the concert venue, which will definitely bring a little magic to the event. I met Ana Rucner at the Desire Tree Gala TV fundraiser in Tbilisi, Georgia at the very end of last year where we were both performing. I was blown away by her artistry and when I heard that she was Croatian I said to her “Wow,” I love Croatia and I've always wanted to perform there!' I had no idea I would coming to Dubrovnik so soon - I can't wait to arrive and get the party started!Ana Rucner with Oliver Poole Have you prepared a special repertoire for the festival and what can the audiences expect?I have put together a really special program that is exciting, energetic and above all unique - erupting with colour and charged with interaction that will also give the audience a truly definitive role to play when it comes to the part of the concert when I improvise live on themes and ideas suggested by the audience. I believe in giving a totally new musical experience that isn't like anything else anyone has ever experienced, unpredictable and providing everyone present their own chance to contribute on a personal level and leave with something positive in their possession. It will feature some great works and also be a unique chance to create a new musical composition live along the way.Every year the Ana in the City festival is dedicated to a charity or humanitarian cause, I know that you are a strong believer in actively helping good causes. Can you expand to my readers what you meant by “making the world a better place through music.” We all know and understand how music unites us wherever we experience it. It is a language that we all speak (it is even processed in the same part of the brain that processes language) and helps us better understand ourselves. I know that whenever I perform somewhere, I do have a duty and a purpose to do what I can to use the power of music to benefit all who experience it, otherwise there would be no point. It also provides a platform to help make a difference to those in need and this year, all proceeds from my concert will be benefiting Mara Saltarić, an amazing and inspirational young lady who plays the violin and recently finished law school. She is currently bravely fighting brain cancer and needs all the support we can give.Poole at the piano with David Beckham What were your own musical inspirations as a child?Elvis Presley. John Williams. Louis Armstrong. Thomas Newman. Nature. Rachmaninoff. Space. Eminem. Musical instruments. Chopin. Photography. Elton John. Blue skies. Animals. And in no particular order.Is there one piece that you will perform that brings tears of joy to your eyes?I think any piece when performed truly can move you. Personally, I don't have a particular piece but I always feel the gravitas of what art is and what it has the capability to do, especially when you are channelling it - raw inspiration and creativity included - live to an audience. It is an amazing thing to be able to witness as a performer and at the same time, listener.Poole in concert - Photo by Roland Ragi And finally do you have a message that you would like to send out to the readership of The Dubrovnik Times before the festival? Yes! Dear everyone, I am absolutely thrilled to be finally coming to the beautiful 'Pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik on the 19th of June and cannot wait to share the magic of music with you all at the stunning Sponza Palace, all in aid of such an important cause. As the sun sets, you're all invited to an evening of musical exploration with some of the greatest music ever written plus possibly even a few surprises! It's going to fun, so see you there!Interview Mark Thomas - The Dubrovnik Times is proud to be a media sponsor of Ana in the City 2015Follow The Dubrovnik Times on Facebook


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