HBO to film naked Game of Thrones actress on Lokrum?

Piše PSD.
28. kolovoza 2014. - 15:05
After HBO were denied permission to film naked scenes for the popular Game of Thrones serial in the Old City of Dubrovnik by the Dubrovnik Bishop’s office it seems that they might have found a new solution. Rumours are floating around that the scene, featuring actress Lena Headey, will be filmed on the nearby island of Lokrum. Although Embassy Films, HBOs Croatian production partner, have yet to confirm the new location, information has appeared on several news sites.The scene, the so called Penance Walk, was originally supposed to see Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister in the series, walk from the Dubrovnik Cathedral to the Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik. However the Dubrovnik Bishop’s office refused permission for the nude scenes near and around the Dubrovnik Cathedral. - Dubrovnik diocese did not allow shooting scenes of a naked female outside of the Dubrovnik cathedral, which is in accordance with the standards of Christian morality and basic decency. As you probably would not be permitted to film such scenes in cathedrals in London or Washington, or in the Queen's residences or in White House. - read the statement from the Bishop’s office.It now looks like these scenes will be moved to the island of Lokrum, which has been used as a location in season two of Game of Thrones, although this is still be to confirmed. As around 500 extras were needed for the scene it is presumed that a whole new set will have to be constructed on the island.The dates for filming of the Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik have been confirmed, from the 26th of September till the 6th of October. Whilst filming in Croatia starts today in Spilt before moving onto the city of Sibenik on the 18th of September.


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