Digital Nomads in Cavtat

Piše PSD.
11. kolovoza 2015. - 15:55
August marks the month that a trio from Canada, Brazil, and the US Virgin Islands will be exploring the coastal lifestyle that Cavtat and neighbouring regions has to offer as part of the Remote Year program. These three women, collectively known as Trio Travel Marketing are not here on vacation. They are purposefully seeking one-of-a-kind experiences that venture off the traditional beaten path in hopes to separate themselves from the typical travel marketers.Katelyn mentioned, “We don’t just want to share tips and tell people what to do, we want to take them on a journey with us and have them feel as if they’re right here with us.” Fernanda from Brazil echoed that it should be organic and very natural. “We don’t want to come off like an advertisement. Nobody buys from ads.” Kimmoy said “When you live and work in a country like Croatia, people want to know how they can do the same, so we are here to show them.”The Trio have already met with Dubrovnik and Cavtat Tourism boards - you can imagine that local companies will be excited to sponsor and work with them. Last month, the Trio yielded great results for Spirit Slovenia by extending their campaign to 150,000 people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Communications and PR lead of Spirit Slovenia bid the Trio farewell “It was a blast having you here!”“Do they even work?” is the question that many people ask. “Of course we do, the beauty about being a digital nomad is that we can work anywhere there is a great wi-fi connection.” Most of the time, we are glued to our laptops at Hotel Croatia with 70 other digital nomads. Otherwise, we’re out meeting with clients and sharing our experiences with the world. That is our job. So, feel free to send us insider tips!” You may find them perusing the beaches, enjoying the views from the City Walls, or taking a ride on the cable car. Don’t be shy to ask for a selfie. The more locals they meet, the better. Trio Travel Marketing (Trio) is a digital marketing agency that promotes to an international market of over 150,000 people online. They connect brands, experiences and destinations through an organic approach. They specialize in accelerating campaigns and effectively extending the reach of campaigns to provide a stronger return on investment than traditional advertising methods.
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